Our original “SOSEI-FORMA technology” was developed based on skills that have been refined through the production of chains and other components. Various phenomena occurring in press forming are analyzed according to the plasticity theory, and the press load is optimized by adjusting processing conditions, dies and special devices. Thus, the press forming of products in complex shapes is possible while maintaining a processed surface condition equivalent to fine blanking. This technology has produced much value via net shape processing, such as cost reduction and contribution to the promotion of a low-carbon society.

*Net shape processing: Finish processing (cutting, etc.) is not required to complete products.

Our original plastic forming technology: SOSEI-FORMA

3D forming

Complex, fine 3D shapes can be formed via net shape processing

Complex shape forming
Spline forming
Gear teeth forming
Spot-face press forming


Fine shearing

Shear droop and fracturing are prevented to the utmost
Surface roughness and dimensional accuracy are improved

Ordinary pressing
Ordinary pressing

Value produced via SOSEI-FORMA technology

Value 1

Reduction of costs and lead time

This fine, efficient processing method enables cost reduction, lead time shortening and the streamlining of supply chains

Ordinary cold forging


Value 2

Enables processing of difficult materials such as stainless steel and high-tension steel

Shear droop is minimized and a smooth, fine surface is produced

High-tension stainless steel

Value 3

Contribution to low-carbon society

Yield ratios are improved and resources and energy are saved by omitting cutting processes (CO2 emission is reduced)

Product examples

Car engine sprocket

Parts processed using SOSEI-FORMA technology

Rough forming and tooth/ spline forming

Value produced

・20% yield improvement
・15% increase in net shaping rate
*Compared with our conventional methods

Motorcycle chain part (plate)

Parts processed using SOSEI-FORMA technology

Seal seating surface, weight reduction, thickening around pins

Value produced

10% reduction of chain weight
*Compared with our conventional methods

Car seatbelt part

Parts processed using SOSEI-FORMA technology

Non-through knurling, inner spline forming, outer ratchet forming

Value produced

Net shaping rate: 100% (no cutting)

*The technology is applied to parts in various products such as engines, air conditioners and bicycles

Development of processing methods for further technological improvement

We are engaged in technological development through the improvement of die design according to plasticity theories and the optimization of processing conditions, so that press forming can be applied to different shapes and parts that were previously processed via other methods such as cutting.

By combining processing skills produced through our R&D, it has become possible to manufacture products in complex shapes using press forming only. We aim to create added value such as high productivity, cost reduction and energy and material saving.

Processing method development examples

Complex shape forming (100% net shaping)
Alternative to broaching
Spline forming by pressing (2mm width)
Corner forming
Corner forming by pressing (R=0)