Automobile Engine Timing Chain System

The automobile engine timing chain system is a system for adjusting the timing of the movement of each part in order to properly operate the process of “intake → compression → combustion → exhaust" of the engine.
DID's automotive engine timing chain system has earned a high reputation for meeting the demanding requirements of high-power, compact, high-performance engines, such as excellent wear resistance, fatigue strength, and quietness. In particular, for the 6.35mm pitch silent chain used in small car engines for the first time in the world and diesel engine roller chain , we are leading the global car engine chain market with our own special surface treatment technology.

Timing Chain

The DID automotive engine timing chain, which has progressed with the development of the automobile industry, has excellent wear resistance, fatigue strength, quietness, and impact toughness, and meets certain requirements necesary for today's high-output, compact high-performance engines. Then It has high reliability.
In particular, our 6.35mm pitch silent chain for automobile engine, which was first adopted for automobile in the world, has been adopting our special surface treatment technology.


DID sprockets have evolved with the development of the automotive industry. As a sprocket used in automobile engines, the optimal meshing design with the chain suppresses noise and vibration, and its excellent wear resistance contributes to a longer engine life.


Combination of the hydraulic mechanism and the no-back mechanism suppresses chain vibration due to torque fluctuations during engine operation, and it automatically follows chain wear and growth, then suppresses noise caused by chain flapping when the engine is in a non-hydraulic state at engine start.
The tensioner body uses aluminum for weight reduction.


Levers and Guides are parts that guide the chain in a sliding manner, shape the running trajectory, reduce the free span of the chain, and suppresse vibration.
For strength requirements, it has a body made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum or steel, and the chain running surface is made of low friction plastic containing fluorine.