May 1933 Established as Kokueki Chain Co.,Ltd. Production of chains for bicycles begun.
May 1935 Company name changed to Daido Chain Co.,Ltd.
July 1935 Production of light vehicle products begun.
August 1938 Production of casting products begun.
December 1938 Company name changed to Daido Kogyo Co., Ltd.
April 1950 Production of chain conveyors and conveyor chain begun.
November 1951 Production of steel rims and wheels for motorcycles begun.
June 1958 Production of light alloy rims begun.
August 1962 Establishment of the wheel plant.
June 1963 Establishment of the comprehensive heat treatment plant.
December 1966 Establishment of the roller chain automation plant.
February 1968 Listed on Tokyo and Osaka stock exchange market as a primary group.
October 1968 Awarded the prize from the Director of the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology for industrial standardization and quality assurance activities.
December 1971 Establishment of Fukuda plant.
June 1972 Authorized as oil field chain by the American Petroleum Institute.
January 1978 Establishment of Iburibashi plant.
November 1981 Expansion of Fukuda plant and Iburibashi plant.
February 1985 Awarded the prize from the Director of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy as a superior plant controlling energy.
December 1988 Chair-type stair lift developed for the first time in Japan.
November 1991 Establishment of the Delivery Center.
July 1993 Establishment of the aluminum alloy galvanizing plant.
December 1995 ISO 9002 certification (manufacture of power transmission chains at the Fukuda plant) obtained.
May 1996 Establishment of Daido Sittipol Co.,Ltd. in Thailand to start production of motorcycle chains.
February 1997 ISO 9001 certification (design, development, and manufacture of power transmission chains, guides and tensioners at the Fukuda plant) obtained.
October 1997 Establishment of P.T.Daido Indonesia Manufacturing in Indonesia.
December 1997 ISO 9001 certification (design, development, and manufacture of motorcycle light alloy rims at the Iburibashi plant) obtained.
March 1998 Establishment of the welfare equipment plant and the office building.
March 1999 The respective ISO 9001 certifications for the Fukuda and Iburibashi plants integrated into one for design, development, manufacture, and associated services of power transmission chains, tensioners, guides, and rims for motorcycles.
June 1999 ISO 9001 certification (design, development, manufacture, installation, and technical guidance for conveyors, parts, and welfare equipment at the FA and AS business units) obtained.
July 2001 Start of production of steel rims in P.T.Daido Indonesia Manufacturing.
February 2002 ISO 14001 certification (design, development, and manufacture at the head office (main plant, Fukuda plant, Iburibashi plant)) obtained.
May 2002 Establishment of Daido Corporation of America in the U.S.A.
December 2002 QS 9000 certification (manufacture of chains, tensioners, and guides for vehicles at the main plant and the Fukuda plant) obtained.
March 2003 Expansion and integration of ISO 9001 certifications registered for the main plant, Fukuda plant and Iburibashi plant.
April 2004 Establishment of DID Europe S.R.L.in Italy.
April 2005 Establishment of D.I.D Asia Co.,Ltd. in Thailand.
April 2005 Establishment of Daido Chain (Changshu) Co.,Ltd. in China.
March 2006 A subsidiary addition by investing in Daido Industrial E Comercial Ltda. in Brazil.
September 2007 Establishment of Daido Industria De Correntes Da Amazonia Ltda. in Brazil.
April 2010 Delisted from Osaka stock exchange.
September 2010 Establishment of D.I.D Vietnam Co.,Ltd. in Vietnam.
September 2010 Establishment of Daido India Pvt.Ltd.
(old D.I.D India Trading Pvt.Ltd.)in India.
August 2012 Establishment of Manufacturing Factory for chains in India.(Daido India Pvt.Ltd.)
September 2012 Acquired Interface Solutions Co.,Ltd.in Thailand.
April 2013 Establishment of the Purchase & Shipping Center in Thailand.
July 2014 Establishment of Manufacturing Factory for Automotive chains in America(DAIDO CORPORATION OF AMERICA)
May 2017 Establishment of DID Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.
Dec 2017 Establishment of Manufacturing Factory for chains in Vietnam.(D.I.D VIETNAM CO.,LTD.)
Jan 2018 Establishment of D.I.D Philippines inc. in Philippines.
Jul 2019 Establishment of Atlas DID (Private) Ltd. in Pakistan.
Jan 2021 Establishment of iwis-Daido LLC in the U.S.A.