PresidentHirofumi Araya

ChairmanKozo Araya

Our management philosophy is "DID that grows together with people by nurturing technology that can interact with people", and we hope to contribute to society by creating products that cherish people and nature by sincere technology.
Based on such a management philosophy, as part of our compliance-related efforts, we formulated the “Our Code of Conduct" in 2006, and declared in our guidelines that we always act with high ethical standards and integrity.
The guidelines shows specific action guidelines which shall be followed by each person working in DAIDO Group, such as correctly understanding and complying with laws and regulations, conducting fair and healthy transactions with business partners, not allowing any prejudice or discrimination, and proactively preventing various types of harassment. Everyone who works in the DAIDO Group carries the guidelines and adheres to compliance.
In recent years, with the further globalization of corporate activities, transaction forms have become diversified and complicated. In addition, the borderless and stricter laws and regulations in each country require even higher levels of social responsibility to be fulfilled by companies.
DAIDO Group currently has 15 offices in 11 countries around the world, accelerating global business development. We will continue to make every effort to ensure compliance so that we can continue to be a company truly required by society as a manufacturing company, and recognized by people around the world.

Chairman   Kozo Araya
President   Hirofumi Araya