Environmental Policy

1.Strive to maintain and improve the environment through corporate activities.

Recognizing the impacts the company's design, development and manufacturing activities as well as its products and services may have on the environment, we strive to provide environmentally-friendly products and services, promote effective use of resources and energy and prevent environmental pollution in an effort to maintain and improve the environment.

2.Comply with laws and regulations as well as requirements.

Comply with laws and regulations applicable to the company as well as requirements the company agrees to.

3.Promote environmental awareness and eradicate unreasonableness, waste and inconsistency.

Increase all employees' environmental awareness so as to lead to eradication of unreasonableness, waste and inconsistency (in materials, energy and so on).

Environmental Maintenance Activities

We are committed to environmental maintenance contributing to local people and societies.


The growing interest in environmental protection on a global scale strongly requires companies, which supply products to countries all over the world, to obtain ISO14001 certificate.
We, at Daido Kogyo, Co., Ltd. declared our environmental policy and are qualified under ISO 14001 for our activities, products and services as a company. We are committed to protect and improve environment through our activities in order to reduce environmental distress.

Green Factory

We have integrated various kinds of processes for preventing air and water pollution due to smoke and wastewater emitted from the plant. We are also committed the reduction of resource and energy consumption in order to coexist and live together with the local society.

Promotion of Green Procurement

We procure materials and sub materials that can be recycled. We thoroughly prohibit using any hazardous chemical substances and have shifted to using materials with fewer environmental wastes.

Packing and wrapping of products

We make efforts to reduce the use of packing and wrapping materials and reuse them by simplifying the wrapping of products, reviewing the packing materials, and using returnable containers.

Reduction in the amount of refuse and recycling

We make efforts to reduce the amount of refuse discharged from the plant by improving the yield ratio of materials and reducing the defective ratio, as well as actively promoting recycling of resources.


We reduced the amount of paper, electricity used, waste discharged, and fully recycled paper by sorting out used paper.

Compliance with the laws

We tighten management and monitoring of our facilities by setting our self-imposed management criteria that is more strict than the current laws and regulations.