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Industrial Machinery Chain

We deliver solutions for specifications covering mass production to specific purposes in response to industrial needs in terms of transmission and transportation.

Needs in the industrial machinery field are becoming more advanced and diversified. The market is keenly watching our chain transmission products with superior durability, low-noise, and compact design. On the other hand, the needs contain a variety of requirements, such as maintenance-free operation, support for a specific environment and systemization, etc. We provide solutions according to the respective customers' needs through our consultation capability, development capability, and unique technologies.

Power Transmission Roller Chains

The innovative D.I.D New Tech Chain Series include Wear Resistant Chains, Environment Resistant Chains, High Durability Chains and Ultimate Low Noise Chains.

Wear Resistant Chains

Wear Resistant Chains

When used in functions such as transmission, transportation, and hoisting/hanging, improvement of the wear resistance performance is required to extend a chain life. D.I.D's sealed chain realizes the worlds' highest durability. We are second to none in producing numerous highly advanced products with our unique technologies, including heat and surface treatments, etc.

Environment Resistant Chains

Environment Resistant Chains

Our stainless steel chains and High-Guard chains are typical environment resistant chains for severe conditions, such as corrosion, rust, salt, and anti-cold. In addition, low-dust chains used in a clean room are also included in the category of environment resistant chains.

High Durability Chains

High Durability Chains

For industrial machinery, the need for size and weight reductions, as well as maintenance-free operation, is increasing. The high durability chain is a product equipped with the essence of our material and heat treatment technologies and exhibits superior durability against stretching, fatigue, and shocks to contribute to the downsizing and compact design of industrial machinery.

Ultimate Low Noise Chains

Ultimate Low Noise Chain Series

The need for lower equipment noise for machinery is increasing to reduce overall factory noize and improve work environments. The chain greatly enhanced in silencing effect to meet such demands is the D.I.D Ultimate Low Noise Chain Series. In printing, packing, engineering, parking and various conveyors, low noize chain provides a silencing effect.

System/Module Products

Punching Units

Systemization/Modulation are one of the trends in the industrial machinery field. Since we are deeply versed in industrial machinery, we propose various system/module products for our customers' manufactured goods to be developed. The Pusher Chain System that has superior wear resistance and fatigue strength, and the punching module for copy machines are popular among the customers.