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Automobile Engine Mechanism Chains

Our automobile engine mechanism chains demonstrate superior resistance to wear, durability against fatigue and quiet operation.

Automobile engine mechanism chains must satisfy the severe conditions required for high performance engines, yet retain the small size and demonstrate superior resistance to wear, durability against fatigue, and quiet operation. For the world's first 6.35mm pitch silent chains and roller chains for diesel engines, our unique technology for special surface coatings leads the global market.

Roller Chains

Roller chains

The improvement of wear resistance performance has been dramatically achieved by the use of cold forged bush and upgrade of pin surface treatment from DHA to "SDH" and noise-reduction by the best engagement pattern with sprocket. Furthermore, we address the resolution of downsizing required for the compact design of automotive engines in recent years. We provide not only 9.525mm but also 8.00mm small pitch chains for cam shaft driving, oil pump and balancer driving.

Silent Chains

Silent Chains

Our original plate design and pin surface treatment"SV" realize the advancement of wear resistance performance that has been the most important development issue for silent chains. We create high-quality and high-durable silent chains that perform in various conditions.

We have started the mass production of 6.35mm narrow silent chains since 2005, and greatly contributed to the solutions of weight reduction of whole engine mechanism systems, compact designs, noise reduction and low-vibration by less friction and low-fuel consumption.