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Conveyor System

With our conveyor technology and know-how supporting key industries,
we provide optimum environment-friendly conveyor systems.

We have supplied a number of conveyor systems mainly for transportation systems for steel, cement, and automobile manufacturing plants overseas, such as China, the United States, Brazil and Saudi Arabia as well as Japan and other Asian countries. Through many years of experience and accumulated know-how, our conveyor systems for environmental related applications such as waste treatment and recycling industries, are highly appreciated by our customers.

Conveyor Systems for Waste Treatment and Recycling Industries

Stock Feeder

In the 21st century, the so-called environmental century, recycling has been actively promoted, and many refuse incinerators, melting incinerators, and recycling facilities are newly installed or remodeled. We developed the "Eco Series" conveyor systems, including the world's largest stock feeder for transporting industrial wastes and various kinds of recycled resources. We have supplied various kinds of systems to prefectures throughout Japan.

Distribution Conveyor System

Friction Conveyor

For conveyor systems that are critical in the production and distribution fields of various industries such as the automotive industry, the demands to fulfill customer specific requirements are increasing, and stability based on substantial know-how as well as design and development capabilities have been increasing in importance as well. We provide maximum support based on our plentiful experiences and technology to fulfill customers' expectations and reliance.

Powder and Bulk Items Conveyor System

Apron Conveyor

The powder and bulk items conveyor systems mainly used in the cement and chemical industries are creating new demands responding to recent needs for substitution of fuels, etc. In these cases, it is important to have a through knowledge of existing facilities, as well as the characteristics and shapes of items to be transported. In this field, we can also provide various optimum solutions.