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Motorcycle & Automotive Chains

Motorcycle & Automotive ChainsThe D.I.D single drive chain is the first to successfully travel across the American Continent.

The worldwide renowned D.I.D brand is proof of reliability and superior performance under any severe conditions. Our motorcycle chains and automotive engine mechanism chains are used in over 60 countries throughout the world.

Industrial Machinery Chains

Industrial Machinery Chains

Our slogan, "Driven to Solution", means we deliver solutions for specifications covering mass production to specific purposes in response to industrial needs in terms of transmission and transportation.

We are opening up new markets with system and unit products that demonstrate exceptional resistance to wear, environmental resistance, and superior durability.


Rims/WheelsIn the field of the rims/wheels, our product line includes rims & spokes, boasting the world's highest durability for motorcycles and severe motocross races; the wheels for ATVs, agricultural machinery, and industrial vehicles; and such aluminum products for motorcycles.

Our efforts have reduced product weight and improved durability for aluminum rims and ATV wheels that are currently rated the world's lightest products.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems

In the 1950s, we established our status in the industry as a manufacturer of conveyor systems. Since then, the company has supplied conveyor systems to iron manufacturing plants, cement plants, and automobile factories in many foreign countries, as well as Japan.

We are now actively entering new markets such as the environmental related market where conveyor systems are used for waste, recycling, and disposal of industrial wastes, and the automotive industry in China and Southeast Asia.

Welfare Equipment

Welfare Equipment

Since the 1980s, we have developed different kinds of welfare equipment, which uses extensive applications of our technologies for transmission and transportation, and continue to promote research and development activities for approaches to social welfare and universal designs.

Through a series of chairlifts for stairs, we intend to contribute to an advanced welfare society and a safe and comfortable environment for the elderly.