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Research and Development

Research and Development

Research and Development

With cutting edge technology, our unique product lines are a step ahead of the competition in terms of meeting the global needs.

Research and Development

Our research and development are generally composed of two tasks: New Product Development-developing unique technologies and evolving new products for the market, and Enhancement Development-improving current products and technologies.

The fundamentals of these tasks are the material technology for items such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and rubber, the highly functional and precise processing technology for processing these materials, and the assessment technology to evaluate the performance of the products. Our unique technologies are ones that we can brag about to the world. Such unique technologies produce superior resistance to wear, environmental resistance, and high durability. On the other hand, because requirements on reliability are recently advanced, we urgently need to improve our capability in analysis technology.

We have already expected that these kinds of needs would increase and have made efforts to study them. In these fields, we also lead the global market.

Production Technology

In order for us to produce superior products with global competitiveness, our staff in the production engineering section is making every effort to obtain information for new technologies and examine this information everyday.

We need to create products that satisfy the required quality standards quickly and at low cost in the plant where environmental issues are taken into consideration. This would help us to maintain our current leading position in the global industry.

We need to consider a wide range of issues from production line design, incorporating the most advanced technologies, to process design without waste, to improvement of quality inspection accuracy. In these fields, we have often materialized and provided solutions to various issues that were considered to be impossible. One of those successful solutions is our non-contact, non-destructive inspection technology. We developed a unique inspection system and incorporated it into the production lines to manufacture products with the world's highest quality level.

It is our great pleasure to fulfill the customers' expectations and trust.